SL10B Community Celebration is Coming Soon

I am wandering around the SL10B Community Celebration sims and watching as people build and shape parcels. There is so much activity and movement going on! Things are changing daily and who knows what the exhibits will look like when the party gets started.  All I know is it is going to be one fantastic celebration.

I thought I would share some in progress pictures to whet your appetite and get you thinking about joining the biggest party in Second Life beginning June 16th and running through June 29th. For more information please read the SL10B Community Celebration blog.  There is a photo contest that all of you creative types should check out.  The blog is the best place to find updates and interesting happenings including the photo of the day!  Its really worth stopping by the SL10B website often as we get closer to the event.

There are so many builds under construction! I was able to tour a small area of the 20 sims that will be part of the celebration.  I saw exhibits in progress by people engaged in activity that has been going on for many years like snail races.

I saw an under construction parcel that will showcase my friends Whiskey Monday and Botgirl Questi's Single Frame Story project.

I found this adorable vignette of a sleeping Snow White and the 7 garden gnomes that had me grinning from ear to ear.  

The SL Birthday celebration has always been my favorite annual event. It is a place where the best of Second Life can be found and where I always learn about new things.  Yes, there will be lag and there will be builds that do not interest me in particular.  But the very thing that does not spark my interest may be the single thing that makes your heart sing. Just like Second Life itself, the Community Celebration is huge and messy and full of all kinds of people doing wonderful crazy things.  When you go you will sift through the sands of more than 20 sims and hundreds of performances to find the diamonds that make you happy.

I am really looking forward to the party.  I hope to see you there!

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Alwyn Hunter said...

Been a while since i played Second Life, still looks like its a good, maybe i should get back into it.